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UnblockBlockedWebsite.com is the worlds #1 website unblocking proxy. You can unblock blocked websites at school, work, or even a censored country. Enter any website address below to enjoy full and unlimited access to the site.

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Why use UnblockBlockedWebsite ?

Why are certain sites blocked? Different countries block anything to do with popular culture, women's resources, or politics. In addition, companies, schools, and various organizations block sites to cut down on security breaches and boost productivity. However, sometimes you just need to get somewhere on the Web. The UnblockBlockedWebsite.com can help you get around common online roadblocks.

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How to use UnblockBlockedWebsite ?

Uncheck the 'allow cookies' checkbox if you don't want to leave your personal information. Url encode option allows you to hide the urls you're visiting. Some sites use scripts to track your personal information. You could remove them too.

How UnblockBlockedWebsite Works ?

UnblockBlockedWebsite is an anonymous Web proxy. Unblock Blocked Website hides your identity from the sites that you visit on the Web. When you use a Web proxy to visit a blocked site, your IP address is basically hidden, and the anonymous Web proxy substitutes its own IP address for your own. This means that if you live in a country that restricts certain sites, you will be able to visit them with an anonymous Web proxy's substitute IP address, since it will tell the powers that be that you are actually in another country (and no longer subject to their policies).

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